Our Programs

Fundraising and Events

We provide 501c3 support to planners wanting to build and sustain incredible tributes to fallen first responders or veterans across the US and overseas.

We create and work with other non-profits to expand programs that provide fundraising opportunities. We also aid memorial efforts around the country and throughout the events we host.

Community Projects

Go Heroes participates at a range of levels for community projects - from providing advice to undertaking small portions of community events to meet event outcomes.

We continuously engage in general community projects and events for the benefit of police, fire and veterans related non-profit organizations through the development of emergency plans.


Career Assistance

Our mentoring program helps veterans who struggle quantifying their skills to something that can easily relate to a civilian role or defining them for career changes.

Career planning ensures that the the activities provided to our heroes are providing them with skills and knowledge that will best suit them for their future roles.

Emergency Preparedness

Go Heroes educates volunteers about disaster preparedness for the hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills.

We help people mitigate, prepare, and recover from natural disasters. We also travel around Texas collaborating with communities for disaster preparedness and leadership training.