006 Leadership and Influence - Jason McClaren

Today we're not going to have a guest since we're switching to the Monday posting format, but I just wanted to make sure you didn't miss a week of the Leadership Loading Podcast. This week I'm talking about influence, and I was in a meeting with a group of individuals I was consulting with and I was advising them on some things. I was seeing some patterns in their organization and this group of people were all C-level or Senior Director level individuals at their organization and this organization has different franchises throughout the area. These people they go back from this meeting to these different franchises and kind of lead there and as I was talking to these leaders I mentioned this issue and one of them said well that person doesn't report to me or those people don't report to me at that franchise, and I said, well before I get to what I told them I'll talk about a post I did on LinkedIn back in 2016.

January 20th, 2016, this was after I watched Saving Private Ryan for the dozenth time that I've watched that movie, and I just heard this part where Tom Hanks' character says "Earn This" to one of the other soldiers and you know I said that's a great two word phrase on how leadership should be developed. It's not developed, it's earned and that's how these people in this organization need to look at their leadership, but I'll read what out what I wrote on the article here:

"Earn This". A simple two-word phrase that for me sums up leadership in so many ways. Earn this. Too often we think leadership should be thrust upon us for no real effort and many times it is just that and we all suffer the consequences of people who ascend thanks to good PR. Earn this! Leaders must earn it every day. Leaders must continually pay forward the gifts of strength, character and judgement. They must always build and support the follower-ship.

I know that doesn't directly relate to the issue that we were having in this meeting but it does bode to the fact that these leaders, they are over a department or a franchise, and when I asked them to go back and report these issues they were saying, they said that well the person that is over that area doesn't report to me or doesn't report to us and that's not leadership is you know. Nowadays leadership is influence and leadership is being influential to those in your organization that are not under your command. Even those of us that come from the military we need to understand that, you know everybody in the military has a chain of command, but once you get out you might not have a chain of command there's going to be an organizational structure but you may not be a direct supervisor or in a supervisory role of the people you're in charge of or the people that you have to influence. Once I got out of the military several of my positions once I got into the manager and director level, I was not directly supervising anyone, my role was to influence other leaders throughout the organization.

I could probably do a whole episode on each element of influence, so I won't do that today, but you know as leaders you must learn to influence others. It's not the whole "how to win friends and influence people" book and all that but you have to work on those skills that will allow you to effectively manage people that are the same level as you, the same rank as you, or title as you, and sometimes even the one above and one below you. You know sometimes you'll have to talk to another leader that technically outranks you or has a higher title than you and influence them on an issue. My job is even more of an influential type position being that I focus on safety and emergency preparedness and that sort of thing. There are times when I tell someone I can't look the other way on this. This is a safety issue and it's against my beliefs and your organizational culture. I'm fortunate to have that extra tool in my pocket but like I said, before I've been doing what I'm doing now I was able to go research things and influence people through other ways. I'll probably bring a guest on just to talk about that with that we'll get into the rest of this.

This was a Monday episode, now you know these will start posting Mondays. I did not have a guest today because I was very not feeling very well and had to cancel several interviews because I was losing my voice, but we'll start next week with interviews again. We'll have these little offshoots where it's just me talking and hopefully that doesn't bother you. That's all for this episode once again you can follow us on all the social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or on our website at leadershiploading.com and our hotline number is on there also you can text us or I leave a voicemail at 214-856-0498 and we'll get your question answered. Thanks for checking out the Leadership Loading Podcast you can support this podcast on Patreon go to patreon.com/leadershiploading