005 Female Entrepreneurship - Kimberly Ransom

Kim is a gymnastics professional and entrepreneur, building a portfolio of industry work including 20 years of coaching, owning two gymnastics facilities, starting and selling a gymnastics retail subscription box company and creating a competitive apparel line for women's Olympic weightlifting. In 2019, she began the Fear Free Launches podcast, where she educates and inspires budding entrepreneurs every Monday and Thursday. Today, you can find her working with other gym owners as a business coach and strategist for her company, Kimberly Ransom Coaching. In her spare time, she enjoys participating in the sport of Olympic weightlifting as a coach, Masters lifter and National Referee.

Key times in this episode:
1:32 Kimberly Ransom's Introduction; 5:17 Building a business while "momming"; 7:57 Building your village of support; 10:55 Generational shifts from paycheck economy to the self-employed economy; 13:12 Building a business in a male dominated industry; 17:56 Black holes in female entrepreneurship; 22:22 New entrepreneurs and charging what you're worth; 28:57 Learn more about Kimberly