004 Pencil Leadership - Chris Anderson

We discovered Chris through some leadership groups on Facebook. Once we read his story and a little about his project we had to have him on the show. We talked about the Pencil Parable and how that led Chris on his mission.

Chris Anderson is on a mission to positively impact 1 million lives by showing them they have self-worth, a purpose, and can accomplish their dreams with the right practices. My struggle with depression and what I have learned along the way have taught me all you have to do is start. To overcome the fear and begin your journey. No one has to do it alone, but no one can build the life you want for you. You must start the journey towards improving your life; emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. And everyone journey begins with just one step.

Key Points in this episode:

1:46 Chris Anderson Introduction; 3:38 Habits of successful leaders; 5:05 Knowing when to say No or Yes; 9:07 Discussing servant leadership; 11:57 Balancing work/life; 13:18 Pencil Leadership; 18:10 About the Pencil Leadership Podcast and future influence; 1838 Taking the first step into career transition; 21:36 Facing fears; 22:51 Learn more about Pencil Leadership

Key links from this show:

Web: PencilLeadership.com

Instagram: Chris.Anderson8