003 Leadership in the Workplace - Jennifer Abrams

Jennifer joins us after we ran across her post in a Facebook group regarding leadership in the classroom. We asked her to come on and talk about multi-generational leadership and leading with your whole self and she did not disappoint!

About this episode:
Formerly a high school English teacher and a new teacher coach, Jennifer Abrams is currently a communications consultant who works with educators and others on new teacher and employee support, being generationally savvy, effective collaboration skills, having hard conversations and creating identity safe workplaces.

Jennifer's publications include Having Hard Conversations, The Multigenerational Workplace: Communicate, Collaborate & Create Community and Hard Conversations Unpacked - the Whos, Whens and What Ifs. Her newest book is Swimming in the Deep End: Four Foundational Skills for Leading Successful School Initiatives.

Internationally, Jennifer has been invited to present at the EARCOS, NESA, ECIS, AISA and Tri-Association conferences, and at schools across Asia and Europe and South America, as well as having been a PTC facilitator for the 'Instructional Supervision' course and the designer of the TTC course, 'The Heart of Teaching'. She is featured in ASCD's video series, "Master Class," and in the Ontario (Canada) Ministry of Education's "Leadership Matters: Supporting Open-to-Learning Conversations" video series.

Jennifer was named one of the "18 Women All K-12 Educators Should Know," featured in the blog 'Finding Common Ground'' from Education Week, and has also been awarded the International Educational Entrepreneur Award by the International Academy for Educational Entrepreneurs. More about Jennifer's work can be found at her website, www.jenniferabrams.com, and she can also be found on Twitter @jenniferabrams.

01:36 Jennifer Abrams talks about her consultancy and background; 02:53 Jennifer discusses military millennials in the workplace, 07:24 Jennifer talks about leaving your legacy as a leader; 09:41 Jennifer talks about bringing your whole self to the workplace; 11:59 Jason asks Jennifer about Veterans with injuries in the workplace; 14:38 Jennifer talks about resources for those entering the education job field; 18:38 Jennifer talks about leadership skills she uses in her own business; 21:31 Everyone is not like you in the workplace; 22:39 About Jennifer's consultancy and workshops; 23:31 Discussion on the future of veterans in transition

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