Host an Event

How Do I Coordinate a Go Heroes event?

  1. Secure a venue and gather insurance requirements: Ideally, this is a public area or building with plenty of space and an area for staging. You will need to consult with the venue managers to determine what insurance coverage is needed to hold your event.
  2. Sign up to host the event, once approved you can start planning.
  3. Market the events: Inform first responder organizations, veteran groups and the general public in your region about participating in the event and contact local businesses for sponsorship support.
  4. Register participants: Go Heroes will work with you to set up, test, and launch your online registration depending if your event is a licensed event or a supported event.
  5. Stage the event: Order t-shirts and procure sufficient supplies for participants; ensure that logistical needs are in place; and coordinate set-up on the day before the event.
  6. Run the event: On the date of your event you will coordinate command staff and volunteers to carry out a safe, successful, and meaningful event.
  7. Tear Down: After the even you will ensure all agreements are followed and any debris, damage or outstanding fees are cleaned up, repaired or paid.

How does Go Heroes support events?

Licensed Events

Licensed events are an extension of Go Heroes Inc. and legally conduct business under the organizations' 501(c)3 status.


Licensed events enjoy the full support and receive all benefits that Go Heroes can provide events while maintaining the ability to retain local control and identity. Planners of licensed events have the ability to control their destiny by serving on the Go Heroes Board of Directors and/or committees.


In order to become a licensed event, the event planner must successfully complete an application process which includes a background check of key event planners.


Planners for licensed events enter into a contract with Go Heroes and are mandated to follow all guidelines and best practices identified/developed by Go Heroes. The event operates as an extension (dba) of Go Heroes in the event state.

Licensed events operate under and must utilize bank accounts, insurance and other legal and administrative resources that belong to Go Heroes Inc.

Supported Events

Supported events are self-sustaining events that do not have a need to fall under the 501(c)3 umbrella of Go Heroes, however they share the values and philosophy of our organization and support our mission.


The benefits of becoming a supported event include:

  • unity in a shared cause
  • recognition by Go Heroes as a partner in supporting veterans and first responders (link on our website, placement in our promotional materials)
  • quarterly newsletter
  • supportive benefits that events are eligible to receive (at the cost incurred by Go Heroes to provide them):
  • domain name, website and website builder/editing platform
  • up to 10 email addresses at your domain name
  • online information management and sharing system
  • apps for email and information system
  • event review / accreditation process
  • sharing of white papers (identified best practices), sample event rules and policies, planning documents and adapted NIMS forms
  • peer-to-peer mentoring
  • participation in the annual event planner conference (at their own expense)


To become a supported event, the event must be primarily developed to veteran or first responder causes, meet identified best practices in event planning and operations and operate in good-standing under (or as) a 501(c)3 (or similar organization).


An event desiring to become a supported event must provide proof that they meet the qualifications of the Classification and must complete, sign and return a memorandum of understanding. Events receive support status each year.

There is a minimum required (yearly) donation of $500 to become a supported event.